Ammolite is formed from ancient fossilized shells called Ammonites. This rare gem is found only in a small deposit north of the Montana border in Alberta, Canada. Ammolite is a trendsetting gem, highly prized and sought after for its unique and natural beauty, displaying a vivid play of color seldom seen in the gemstone world.

About Ammolite

Ammolite is the only gemstone that displays a holographic effect, featuring flashing colors that change as it moves in the light. With this feature, Ammolite is often compared to the awe inspiring Aurora borealis seen in the Northern skies.

The Aurora Ammolite Mine

As owners of the Aurora Ammolite mine, each gemstone in our collection has purity of pedigreed and selected for the highest quality. Customization is our forte to meet the tastes and preferences of our diverse clientele. In our studio in Calgary, we have a team of highly talented craftsmen and artisans who design and create each piece in our collection.

Our Partners

Aurora Ammolite is a member of the Canadian Gemmological Association
Aurora Ammolite is a member of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Alumni Association
Swarovski is Aurora Ammolite's official partner

Giving Back

World Wide Fund (WWF) is Aurora Ammolite's official partner
Oceana is Aurora Ammolite's official partner

Aurora Ammolite is proud to support the World Wildlife Fund® in their global efforts to protect wildlife, and Oceana to protect and restore the world's oceans. A portion of our proceeds is donated every year to advance their conservation, protection and education programs.